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April ’12

April '12

The Cat Fountain

The Cat Fountain

Ducks in the Meadow

The Ice Tongue of River Sihl

Die Eiszunge der Sihl

Sea of Fog

Water Lilies and Frogs

Water Lilies and Frogs

Water Lilies and Frog

A Duck and Ducklings

A Duck and Ducklings

Note the shape of the duck next to the stone tower

Gull Study @Schanzengraben, Zurich

My Gull

Another Gull @Schanzengraben, Zurich

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Gull @Schanzengraben, Zurich

White and Wild Ducks @Schanzengraben, Zurich

Anas platyrhynchos

Anas platyrhynchos (f) @Schanzengraben, Zürich

Bridge to Sihlau, Adliswil, Switzerland

The Sihl in Adliswil (IV)

The Sihl in Adliswil (II & III)

Adliswil and the Sky on a Rainy Sunday

Wild Ducks @Schanzengraben, Zurich

The Sihl in Adliswil (I)

Adliswil in January

New Stettbach Station

Dawn of Winter

Winter @Glärnischstrasse, Adliswil, Switzerland

Cygnus olor

Cygnus olor

Cygnus olor

Cygnus olor