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Powder on Trees and Roofs

Grossmünster, Zürich


Winter White Entlisberg

River Sihl in Winter

Murky Water

Bürkliplatz, Zürich


Drei Spatzen und ein Stück Brot

Beautiful Sky

Good morning, sky!

Regenwolken im Sonnenaufgang

Natural Mushroom Cloud (in Sunset)

Natural Mushroom Cloud in Sunset

Sunrise, 6 June, 2012 (Venus Transit)

Sunrise, 6 June, 2012

The Venus Transit on June 5 and 6 was a historical event in astronomy. It will take 105 years to repeat itself. Unfortunately, I was not able to view it in the sun, although the transit was observable in Zurich, Switzerland, after sunrise at 3.31 GMT (5.31 MET summer time) until 4.49 GMT (6.49 MET). First, it was cloudy. Second, I didn’t have suitable sunglasses. Whoever wants to be prepared for 2117 should consider welder glasses with filter no 14. Without such equipment you could watch the event even closer through live transmissions by observatories. I highly recommend the images collected by NASA’s “Solar Dynamics Observatory” (SDO). Watch the impressive three-minute-clip on NASA’s YouTube channel.
I did not witness the transit myself. Nevertheless it was a thrill to be aware of it, to feel the moment and know that the Sun, Venus and Earth are on a straight line. And to take a snapshot of the sky in that special moment.

Sunrise May 2012

Sunrise May 5, 2012

Sunrise May 20, 2012


Limmatschiff "Regula"

April’s Green

April's Green 2012

April ’12

April '12

The Cat Fountain

The Cat Fountain

Ducks in the Meadow

The Ice Tongue of River Sihl

Die Eiszunge der Sihl