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Dance With the Devil

Dance With the Devil
During a rally of high schoolers, students and young citizens on a Saturday afternoon in the year 1991 (or 1992) at Pestalozzi park near Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich there was an operation of the city police to break up the rally. Police used tear gas grenades to clear the park and surrounding area and then occupied it. Hereafter there were some acts of vandalism in the surrounding area.
The picture shows a police officer trying to arrest a woman who stood together with a man (to the right in the picture) at the corner Lintheschergasse and Heinrichstrasse (in front of McDonald’s), watching the event.
The Pestalozzi park had been cleared successfully by police, the protesters had moved on to Schweizergasse and Löwenstrasse. The woman and the man weren’t standing far to the right of me (I was standing pretty in the middle of the crossing Lintheschergasse and Heinrichstrasse, observing the event with my camera). Suddenly, two police officers wearing riot-control gear wormed through the hedge that delimits Heinrichstrasse from Pestalozzi park. They were coming for the woman. The second officer kept in the background, while the first one engaged in a sort of dance with her. In addition, two plain clothes officers moved up. They didn’t care about the man. But, as the picture shows, he didn’t let go of the woman.
I didn’t understand (and still don’t understand) why the officer wanted to arrest the woman. She and the man were standing passively in front of McDonald’s, watching. There was nothing suspicious about them. That is, I didn’t and still don’t understand why police assaulted her. It seemed that the mere sight of her brought the officers to the scene, reflexively.
I managed to take four pictures of the scene (Minolta X-700 & motor drive MD-1, manual focus, 3.5 frames per sec, Ilford XP2 SUPER ISO 400 35mm film). Since the situation occurred suddenly and unexpectedly, I had to react very quickly.
Because of the tumult I moved away after taking these pictures, towards Schweizergasse. I didn’t observe whether the woman got away. At the corner Lintheschergasse and Schweizergasse, in front of the „Globus“ store, an elderly man wearing a raincoat (probably a plain clothes officer) asked me, for whom I was photographing. The answer was, „from the association of Swiss youth press, do you want to see the card?“ (I’ll never forget the situation). Undisturbed I continued my business. I was actually photographing for the school magazine of my school, and I was a member of the aforementioned association. We had planned to have our eye on the periodic demonstrations in connection with the Wolgroth squatting, the occupation of an abandoned factory complex in the heart of Zurich from 1991 to 1993. A reportage was to be published. As conscientious young journalists we asked ourselves, why „city walks“ and „open-air discos“, organised regularly by youths from Zurich, often led to clashes between participants and police. We asked ourselves, if and why youth riots could be on the agenda. Finally, it is another story why the coverage never got published.

Wet Paint!

Frisch gestrichen

A Visit to the Zürich Zoo II

The pictures have been taken on 26 February, 2015, during a staff outing at the Zurich Zoo.
The Masoala Rainforest Building
The Elephant House
Elefantenhaus des Zoos Züric
Asian Elephants (Cow & Calf), Zurich Zoo
Asian Elephant (Calf), Zurich Zoo

A Visit to the Zürich Zoo I

These pictures have been taken on January 23, 2014.


King Penguins with Chick, Zurich Zoo

King Penguins, Zurich Zoo

King Penguins with Chick, Zurich Zoo

King Penguins with Chick, Zurich Zoo

King Penguin Chick Feeding

Zurich Zoo

Blauer Pfau, Zoo Zürich

Blauer Pfau, Zoo Zürich

Blauer Pfau, Zoo Zürich

Blauer Pfau, Zoo Zürich

Zoo Zürich

Zoo Zürich

Zoo Zürich






The Masoala Rainforest Building

Masoalahalle, Zoo Zürich




Pteropus rufus, Zoo Zürich

On a Walk

On a Walk

Xmas Market

Xmas Market

Ducklings in the Bush

Ducklings in the Bush

Fountain Lady in Red

Fountain Lady in Red

Grazing Lambs

Grazing Lambs

Castle Ruin (Manegg)

Burgruine Manegg

Forest Tending

Holzschlag Entlisberg
Holzschlag Entlisberg
Holzschlag Entlisberg
Holzschlag Entlisberg
Holzschlag Entlisberg
Holzschlag Entlisberg
Holzschlag Entlisberg
Holzschlag Entlisberg
Holzschlag Entlisberg
Holzschlag Entlisberg
Holzschlag Entlisberg
Holzschlag Entlisberg

Lake Zurich Jetty

Lake Zurich Jetty



Snow White Light

Bahnhof Leimbach im Schnee


Snow White

Sihl im Schnee


Drei Spatzen und ein Stück Brot

Beautiful Sky

Good morning, sky!

Regenwolken im Sonnenaufgang

Natural Mushroom Cloud (in Sunset)

Natural Mushroom Cloud in Sunset

Sunrise, 6 June, 2012 (Venus Transit)

Sunrise, 6 June, 2012

The Venus Transit on June 5 and 6 was a historical event in astronomy. It will take 105 years to repeat itself. Unfortunately, I was not able to view it in the sun, although the transit was observable in Zurich, Switzerland, after sunrise at 3.31 GMT (5.31 MET summer time) until 4.49 GMT (6.49 MET). First, it was cloudy. Second, I didn’t have suitable sunglasses. Whoever wants to be prepared for 2117 should consider welder glasses with filter no 14. Without such equipment you could watch the event even closer through live transmissions by observatories. I highly recommend the images collected by NASA’s “Solar Dynamics Observatory” (SDO). Watch the impressive three-minute-clip on NASA’s YouTube channel.
I did not witness the transit myself. Nevertheless it was a thrill to be aware of it, to feel the moment and know that the Sun, Venus and Earth are on a straight line. And to take a snapshot of the sky in that special moment.

Sunrise May 2012

Sunrise May 5, 2012

Sunrise May 20, 2012


Limmatschiff "Regula"

April’s Green

April's Green 2012

Bull and Cow

Bull and Cow

Blooming Spring

Blooming Spring

Blooming Spring

Blooming Spring

Blooming Spring

The Cat Fountain

The Cat Fountain

Ducks in the Meadow

Wingspan and Plumage of a Black-headed Gull

Siehe auch Bericht von OnlineChris.

Wikipedia über Lachmöve
Wikipedia on Black-headed Gull


Möwen im Wind
Möwe im Wind
Möwen im Wind
Punktlandung auf Geländer
Punktlandung auf Geländer
Möwen im Wind
Möwen im Überflug
Sie guckt, die Möwe
Möwenclan startet
Gedrängter Luftraum
Möwenclan im Abflug
Möwenschwarm nach dem Abflug

What a Look…

Gulls @Schanzengraben, November

Grey Heron @Schanzengraben, November

Herbstfarben 2011 IV

Colours of Autumn 2011

Herbstfarben 2011 VII

Occupy (Paradeplatz Zurich)


The Dribbling Monster

Das sabbernde Ungetüm

The Day After High Tide

The Day After High Tide

Water Lilies and Frogs

Water Lilies and Frogs

Water Lilies and Frog

Young Swan Feeding

Young Swan Feeding
Cygnus olor

A Duck and Ducklings

A Duck and Ducklings

Note the shape of the duck next to the stone tower

Bahraini Human Rights Demonstration in Zurich

Menschenrechtsdemonstration für Bahrein in Zürich

Lazy Ducks

Anas platyrhynchos (m)

What a Toad…

Kröte auf Asphalt

Labour Day 2011 (Zurich)

Invitation to Zurich Labour Day 2011
Plain Clothes
No Admission
Lock Down on Labour Day
Preparing CS Grenade Launch
Riot Unit Extinguishes Fire
Riot Unit and Fire Man
Fire on Labour Day
Fire Man Jumps
"Zug aufsitzen!" ("Platoon mount!")
Used CS Grenade
Burning Container on Labour Day
Identity Check on Labour Day

International Women’s Day Demonstration 2011 (Zurich)

Frauendemo 12. März 2011, Zürich
Frauendemo 12. März 2011, Zürich
Frauendemo 12. März 2011, Zürich
Frauendemo 12. März 2011, Zürich
Frauendemo 12. März 2011, Zürich
Frauendemo zum 8. März (internationaler Frauenkampftag)

My Gull

Another Gull @Schanzengraben, Zurich

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Gull @Schanzengraben, Zurich

White and Wild Ducks @Schanzengraben, Zurich

Anas platyrhynchos

Anas platyrhynchos (f) @Schanzengraben, Zürich


Police Checking Homeless (Constable Stalder)

Having a Bite

Cygnus olor

Young Swan (Cygnet)

Cygnus olor

Cygnus olor

Cygnus olor

Cygnus olor

Cygnus olor

Cygnus olor

Cygnus olor


Since I came across “take a class with Dave & Dave” on and decided to look in, I’ve found out there are approx 24 hours left to accomplish the week 177 tasks (a picture of a flower and one of a scene inspired by a movie).

So, let’s start with the movie. It’s “Home” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. It allows pictures of landscapes, nature, animals, you name it. It’s about environment aware economy.

The sheep is one of the most natural sources for textile fabric, wool. Sheep have been domesticated since about 8000 years. Sheep fit perfecly well into an economy close to nature, a scene @home.

The movie website is

Nightly Build



Grey Heron

Ardea cinerea cinerea

Labour Day 2010 (Zurich)

Bahnhofstrasse: No Go

Bahnhofstrasse No Go
Behind the Lines
Riot Gear
No Go
Paradeplatz No Go
Paradeplatz No Go




Moneypulation, Let's Loose Control
Moneypulation, Let's Loose Control
Moneypulation, Let's Loose Control
Moneypulation, Let's Loose Control

Sweet Irony


May Day Party Day
Water Cannon Crew
May Day Party Day
The Crew Having a Break
May Day Party Day
Getting Ready


Ready to Rock
Smoke Grenade
Hell's Kitchen on May Day
People, Running
Area Clear

"Boy, where u goin'?"

Police Doggy Bag

Late Shift


Spring’s Smile

Spring's Smile


Subsonic Take Off

Officers Having a Break

Nach dem Sechseläuten...

Winter’s Heritage

Winter's Heritage

Colours of Spring ’10

Colours of Spring

Colours of Spring ’10 (III)

Colours of Spring (III)

Colours of Autumn



River Side Kitty

Zurich 2009