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Water Lilies and Frogs

Water Lilies and Frogs

Water Lilies and Frog

Young Swan Feeding

Young Swan Feeding
Cygnus olor

A Duck and Ducklings

A Duck and Ducklings

Note the shape of the duck next to the stone tower

Bahraini Human Rights Demonstration in Zurich

Menschenrechtsdemonstration für Bahrein in Zürich

Lazy Ducks

Anas platyrhynchos (m)

What a Toad…

Kröte auf Asphalt

Labour Day 2011 (Zurich)

Invitation to Zurich Labour Day 2011
Plain Clothes
No Admission
Lock Down on Labour Day
Preparing CS Grenade Launch
Riot Unit Extinguishes Fire
Riot Unit and Fire Man
Fire on Labour Day
Fire Man Jumps
"Zug aufsitzen!" ("Platoon mount!")
Used CS Grenade
Burning Container on Labour Day
Identity Check on Labour Day